Monday 28 December 2015

Dr. Balbir Singh Tomar addressed at Infant Protection Day

Prof. Dr. Balbir S. Tomar (Chairman and Chancellor – Nims University) on Infant Protection Day addressed the medical fraternity and the pediatric society, the importance of infant care. Infants are small, helpless, and needful newborns and need their parents or caregivers to take care of them. They need a lot of attention. Sometimes, providing that care as a new parent or caregiver can seem daunting. Take a deep breath, it gets easier once you learn about your infants basic needs and how to provide for them.

Childcare for infants and toddlers is important for their proper upbringing. Children in their tender age need more care & protection, if done well, can enrich children’s early experience.

Unfortunately, although more and more children in this country are moving into group care at younger ages and for longer periods of time, we are missing opportunities to provide quality care. Indeed, current practices in many infant/ toddler child care settings actually hinder caregivers, children, and parents from forming and sustaining the deep, responsive, and respectful relationships that are the hallmark of quality.

The six key components of early group experience are group size; quality of the physical environment; primary care giving assignments; continuity of care; cultural and familial continuity; and meeting the needs of the individual within the group context. How these components of group care are addressed determines, to a large extent, the opportunities for responsive care giving and caring relationships in infant/toddler child care.

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