Saturday 19 December 2015

Prof. Dr. Balbir Singh Tomar backings 'Youthful Artist of Ravindra Rangmanch Theatre'

Society and customs are a critical part of a nation. Social customs hold a mirror to the qualities and convictions of a group. They guarantee that these qualities and convictions are transmitted from one era to the next. They likewise act like a bringing together string reinforcing a feeling of group and amicability. Advancing society and convention is vital for saving the convictions of our predecessors and keeping up the association with them. With the vision of advancing the way of life of India, , Prof. (Dr.) Balbir Singh Tomar, the Chairman of Nims University, bolstered the 'Young Artist of Ravindra Rangmanch Theatre' and gave them the chance to showcase their ability at Nims University.

The play titled 'Khabsurat Bahu' was performed at Nims Theatre. It depended on the way of life of towns and their convictions. Every one of the specialists of Ravindra Rangmach Theater are exceptionally gifted and performed greatly well. Their diligent work and endeavors are apparent from their remarkable exhibitions. The play got a gigantic reaction and gratefulness from the crowd. It was an awesome activity by Nims University to make the adolescent mindful about the way of life and conventions of the nation. The college solidly has confidence in the general development and improvement of its understudies in every single field. There is no utilization of instructive capabilities if one does not have the essential human qualities and standards. 

Prof. Tomar said that by advancing theatres, we can protect and scatter our way of life. It is vital to make the adolescent mindful about the way of life and customs of dynamic India. Such plays spotlight on the qualities and temperances which ought to be developed by everybody. Alongside stimulation, they are an incredible learning background for the understudies. The college anticipates other such occasions concentrating on the way of life and conventions of our nation.

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